plovba po Ljubljanici plovba po Ljubljanici plovba po Ljubljanici
JEZERNIK Anže Logar s.p. barka Ljubljanica - o ladjici

About the Boat

Boat Ljubljanica

The main purpose of the boat is the transport of passengers and boat rides for tourists. Given the design of the main part of the boat, which measures 30m2, the latter can be used and adjusted for different activities.

Basic Data:

Type: boat with flat bottom construction, made of solid larch and oak wood
Length: 10 m
Width: 4,4 m
Capacity: 48+2
Weight (without passengers): 7500kg
Weight (full): 11500kg
Engine: E-Tec Evinrude 2x25 Hp
Consumption: at normal speed 1 litre/hour/engine
Steering: last third in the middle of the boat
Toilet and bar at the back of the boat.
Entrance: in the front, on the left and right

Information about the construction:

Time needed for construction: 3500 working hours
Usage of wood: 7 m3 of wood, 350 m2 Okoume plywood
Screws: 15 000, Zink- Nickel
Polyurethane glue: 40 kg
Epoxy glue: 55 kg
Fiberglass: 80 m2
Polyurethane paint: 50 l
Alkyd varnish: 27 l
Alkyd paint: 15 l
Electrical wires: more than 500m


Design and control: Ivana Žigante
Help with the construction: Anže Višnar, Anton Zupan, Matej Trtnik
Electrical engineering: Anton and Matija Murn
Boat engineering and building: Anže Logar

Captain of the boat Ljubljanica: Matej Trtnik

00386 41 386 945